Fresh New Face

Hello Loves,

Let’s talk beautiful skin! Now before you tune me out, I have discovered on a new obsession. You must stop what you’re doing…right now… and book an appointment to go get this done to your face. It’s called microabrasion. Do you want to have the best feeling and looking skin ever? Then go to see Summer. Summer Shadox is an Esthetician at Salon Priva that treated my 33 year old face and I have never looked better.

So the  process goes like this. She removed all my makeup, cleaned my face, and then (in simple terms) sucked all the blackheads and yuck out out of my face. After my face was clean and my pores basically vacuumed out, she did a chemical peel. I know what you are thinking. Chemical peel, sounds… not super healthy and kind of painful. Let me just tell you, that peel  softened my skin and gave me the most AMAZING glow I have ever had. It took about 45 min and it was super relaxing. It was tingly, but wasn’t unbearable and totally worth it to see how clean and glowing my skin is.

I want you to go try her out. You can book here by clicking here.  

Her prices are the best in Knoxville and range from $20 to up to $100, depending on what you’re looking wanting to have done. Now you need to plan these out. I’m a sun goddess and can’t just NOT go out in the sun. So I am wearing a great Hello Loves hat for the next 4 days because my skin is a little sensitive to the sun. Just like a newborn’s little bum, it needs to stay out of direct sunlight. After 4 days though, I am good to go as long as I start wearing sunscreen.  Which if I am being honest, I should be doing anyways. The feeling of my skin is just like a newborn and my makeup glides on smoothly, but I really don’t even need it anymore. This would be a perfect idea for you to treat your mom or wife with Mother’s Day.

Go book Summer now and get ready to look the best you ever had!


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