Susano Wins and Dirty Politics Lose.

Hello Loves,


Here’s some more election information. The race that shocked me the most was the Circuit Court Clerk’s primary.  Not because of the winner but because of the top 2 in that race. The five candidates in that race were Bo Bennett, Don Ridings,Scott Smith, Charlie Susano, and Tim Wheeler.

Charlie Susano was the clear winner of the Republican Primary, He stood firm in not attacking anyone, and just did what he needed to do to get elected. He swarmed Knoxville almost every night and weekend to get his name out there. His approach seemed to be attend any and all events that he could. He worked hard and it won him the race.

What I didn’t expect to see was Tim Wheeler getting as many votes as he did.  I along with so many others was convinced it would come down between Charlie and Don.

Don also ran a great race. He had a coalition of support such as having almost  the whole Libertarian Party behind him. Don’s approach seemed to be to knock on as many doors as possible and get as many yard signs out as possible.

When the numbers came in I was floored to see Tim Wheeler, a person who was fired from that very department and is currently suing it receive so many votes

I wasn’t shocked to see the few votes Scott Smith received. He ended up with around 10% of the vote. His campaign was full of slander, nasty robo calls, and even hateful letters in mailboxes with people’s voting records. He did pretty much everything but steal signs (to my knowledge) so he got what he deserved. I was happy to see that in that race dirty politics failed.


All in all every vote counts and congratulations to Charlie Susano and your amazing team. Enjoy this win because August is just around the corner.


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