New Sheriff in Town.

Hello Loves,

All Pictures Taken By,Tiffaney Lawson Photography

We have a NEW SHERIFF in town, folks! I think Knoxville is very pleased about it too. Tom Spangler completely handcuffed his opposition (see what I did there?) during our primary and since there was not any democratic opposition, he will be our next Knox County Sheriff. This race was a rough one for so many people, but in the end it was early voting that sealed the deal.  Way to go Sheriff Tom Spangler. I am looking forward to seeing our officers cared for in a way we haven’t seen in many years. I predict we will grow our Sheriff’s Office, that we will be able to pay our officers close to what they deserve, and that we will be done with the Black Wednesday gloom that seems to have hovered over our Sheriff’s Department. For those who want to say that’s a slander to Tom’s opposition it isnt, it is to the current staff.


Lee Tramel fought a good fight and I respect how he handled this loss. He had some great support raising more money then I have ever seen in a race. His desire to truly fight for our drug problem was very evident, but in the end Knox County voted for Tom Spangler.

So congratulation to Tom Spangler! You and your team truly showed your outstanding dedication and class throughout your entire race. You showed the experience matters and boots the ground work is what it takes in winning a race and becoming Sheriff!


One thought on “New Sheriff in Town.

  1. The citizens finally saw the truth. Tom Spangler is truthful, honest and cares about the officers and will pay them well. He will also hopefully get rid of the heaviness on top. Thank you Knox County! You won’t regret it.


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