Thank You.


Hello Loves,

The primaries are officially over and now it is time to say a HUGE thank you to some of our

amazing advertisers. I take advertising very very humbly. It means we all want to accomplish the same thing together, uplift Knoxville and make it the best we can. By entrusting me with your advertising, I take so much pride in letting all of Knoxville know that you value the same things that I do. Although advertising DOES NOT mean an endorsement from McCalla Around Knoxville, it does mean that I get to share information about you and spread the word about what you are running for.

With that being said, thank you to Bob Thomas, R. Larry Smith, Don Ridings, Glenn Jacobs, and Tom Spangler. Your trust in me means the world. I have enjoyed covering your events, talking about your commercials, and helping Knoxville making informed voting choices!

Moving forward, you will continue to see Glenn Jacobs on this blog. He has made it out of the primary and is continuing into the General Election. Tom Spangler’s ad will stay up through the month as a thank you for voting for him.




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