Why We Do What We Do.

Hello Loves,

I attended the West Knox Republican meeting the other day and a question was asked about why we vote on court clerk office, register of deeds, and county clerk office. Some other cities do not do that, but we do here in Knoxville. The question was brought up almost to stump the candidates Roger Kane, Sherry Whit, and Nick McBride.  

Sherry said that’s the way the voters wanted it, and the crowd seemed to grumple that the question was asked.

So why do we vote like this? Well my friends, it’s called BLACK WEDNESDAY. It happened to our county and the news spread nationwide. Commissioners meeting in back rooms making promises, hiring their family, and it was a total mess. It was a sad press day for not only Knoxville, but our local government.

So the VOTERS voted on a way to make this never happen again. Term limits and sunshine laws were issued…… and so that is why we have so many public officials now that we elect.

These laws that were made years ago. They aren’t just something we can toss by the wayside.  Us Knoxvillans like it this way and I for one think it shouldn’t be questioned or pushed to change.  We have our ways and this is how we are trying to keep corruptness out. Trying is the key word. What worked in New Jersey is NOT going to work in Knoxville.


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