Hello Loves,

I feel like I have typed more blogs about political signs than I have about anything else. Have no fear, my loves, we are almost to the end. I was working Downtown West the other day when the Election Commission Boss and rule follower, Cliff Rodgers, came by with the most disgusted look on his face. Over what, you ask? YARD SIGNS! More like a sea of yard signs. Everywhere from in front and backs of businesses to every piece of grass on corners of streets were covered in yard signs. It looked like campaigns had thrown up.

If you are not aware, the only rule we really have about signs is they have to be 100 feet away from the voting door.

In my humble opinion, we need more rules than that. Candidates had looked like they spent days filling this area with signs. Some candidates had as many as 50 signs. That’s just crazy. If one sign on that patch of grass isn’t going to get a voter, then 50 aren’t going to get he/she either. Of course Cliff Rogers couldn’t say move them now, but he did talk about how bad it looks. Larsen Jay came at the right moment to vote and agreed and pulled up a lot of his signs right then and there. Larry Smith did the same and made it a point to let people know why he felt compelled to remove his signs. The rest of the candidates either seemed to follow or eventually had their signs moved.

It looks alot better now, but it seems to me that we are going to have to look into some new laws about these signs. If we are spending so much money on signs, do they really make a difference? Are we getting the positive attention we are aiming for or just making our county look like a landfill? I am certainly glad the candidates stood up and did what was right.


Now can we just get this election over?


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