Bob Thomas Cleared of Campaign Stunt

Hello Loves,

It has been a busy week with everything from early voting starting, the removal of signs, and the ethics committee. The media has had to stay on their toes to keep up with everything that’s going on.  I’ll touch on early voting and sign removal on another blog. For now I only want to talk about the decision made by the ethics committee.

If you have been living under a rock then you have no clue that Commissioners Bob Thomas and Charlie Busler had an ethics complaint filed against them last year.

Thomas is currently running to be our next Knox County Mayor.  Perennial candidate Bo Bennett, currently a candidate running for Circuit Court Clerk, is the one who filed the complaint. His opponents include Don Ridings, Charlie Susano, and Tim Wheeler.  A bad odor comes with some of the people behind this complaint. Regardless, Knox County and the members of the ethics committee followed the law and all procedures. The committee voted 8 to 1 to clear Bob Thomas and Charlie Busler of any wrongdoing.

Your go to girl has a few questions…  Why did he file this complaint and if someone or a group of people were behind this? If this is the case why in the world would he let himself be used like this? Could it be that certain people told him if he did this that he should run for Circuit Court Clerk and the would help him get elected? It just seems very fishy to me. I’ll let you all make your own conclusion.

Seems to me like this was spread out only to cause stress to these commissioners for no reason. But then again I’m not a pawn. I write my own blog, and would never bully anyone to do what I would want them to do just to get ahead in the “game” of politics.  I guess I’m not like everyone else.  Anywho, it seems to me that this election season is getting nastier and nastier by the day with only a few weeks to go before election day. Thank God because I’m ready for the next race.

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