Holy Moly Endorsements

Hello Loves,

Holy Moly Endorsements! We are less than two weeks away from early voting and the endorsements have been rolling in for Commissioner Bob Thomas running for Knox County Mayor and an advertiser on this blog.

I’ll link the endorsements below so you can see them for yourself, they have been coming from everyone from movie stars to cute kids and more.

It takes alot for someone to put their name on as a Candidate, I’m sure many thoughts go threw the candidates mind what if they fail, what will my friends think, what if they don’t like what I stand for? There are many reasons people don’t endorse  a candidate but in Bob Thomas’s case it seems that his friends and more then confident that he will make a great new Knox County Mayor. Watch the endorsements for yourself and you see what you think!

Endorsement  from Butch Hofferbert


Endorsement   from  Gary Adkins


Endorsement from His Adorable Grandkids


Endorsement from   George Massengill


Endorsement from Marilyn Julies


Endorsement from J. B. Mize


Endorsement from   The one and only Gunner


Endorsement from   Chuck Severance


Endorsement from his daughter   Brooke Brummitt  


Endorsement from   Leroy Thompson


Endorsement from  Pete Michaels


Endorsement from     Billy Dyke


Endorsement from    Dr. Jerry Vittatoe


Endorsement from     Jennifer Holder


Endorsement from   Vietnam Veteran Doug “Snapper” Morgan


Endorsement from   Knox County School Board Chair Patti Bounds


 Endorsement from  Cylk Cozart,


Endorsement from Phil Leadbetter


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