Stacey Campfield is RUNNING!

Hello  Loves

 Your go to girl is the very first person to announce that the official treasure report has been pulled and a petition will be filled out, most likely before the end of the week. Stacey Campfield former State Senator, is running for Roger Kanes seat in the state house.

Yes Loves, you read that correctly Stacey Campfield is running for House of Representatives seat 89. Stacey is a conservative republican that doesn’t back down from his beliefs and what he stands for.  He also keeps his promises, not only to his friends but to the people who elect him. It will be a tough race that’s for sure, but in this bloggers opinion no one will out door knock or out phone bank Stacey Campfield. This race just became the race to follow and I for one am in the front row.


You heard it first here Loves, keep coming back for more on all things Knoxville

One thought on “Stacey Campfield is RUNNING!

  1. i can attest to Stacey working and campaigning hard, when I ran against him, as hard as I worked this man just never seemed to stop. I wore out 4 pairs of sneakers trying to keep up with him. Good Luck Stacey!


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