Tax Raises are ok?

Hello Loves,

Let’s talk taxes. More important, why would we need a tax increase? With all this Mayor talk, everyone is all about whether or not they would do a tax increase. Although I’m all about NO TAX raises… Why would someone say they would increase taxes?

Well, roads is one reason we could have to raise taxes. Have you seen our roads? We are on some kind of 30 year plan to repave roads and, as you can tell, that plan is getting old and worn out fast.

Schools is another reason. We have built two new schools without raising taxes, but what about the other sides of town? Adrian Burnett Elementary desperately needs help and we may be looking at needing a school in East Knoxville. How could we even think about doing all that without a tax increase?


What if our tax base doesn’t grow?


These are just a few reasons we may want to keep an open mind when it comes to tax raises. I’m not saying it’s a must, but make sure we ask the right questions. How can we do all this without a raise?

Does anyone have a money tree in their backyard? If you do, can I come over?

4 thoughts on “Tax Raises are ok?

  1. 🍏We have actually built 5 new schools since our last tax increase plus done multi-million dollar expansions to several other schools to add seating capacity🍏 (Just an FYI). Terry Hill


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