Sea of Crazy?

Hello Loves,

Knox County GOP, had their annual Lincoln Day dinner on Friday. I’ve already written a blog about how that night went but, I wanna talk about something that I noticed and heard.  

The Lincoln Day dinner was held at Rothchild’s Catering Center and the GOP had the biggest room, but they have several different rooms you can use and multiple events can be going on at the same time. Well that is what was happening on Friday. They had another event with people who were not political and boy oh boy… the faces I noticed.

The first thing you see at the Lincoln Day Dinners is all the political yard signs that different campaigns put up to TRY and get their candidates name noticed. You will see the banners hanging from the outside of the building. Lastly, you see the multitude of volunteers and campaign workers trying to shove a sticker on you to show who you represent and who you will be voting for.  

Us crazy GOP members we are used to it, but to a typical voter who doesn’t attend these meetings and doesn’t attend this event can think this looks CRAZY. I noticed how the people who were not part of this group, but going to the other event where appalled by this exchange of pushiness and some what rudeness of trying to shove our candidates name down their throats. The sea of signs made many people say (I overheard them) that money could have been used for something else.

Are we becoming a little self obsessed as a Republican Party in seeing our candidates names everywhere that we over buy on signs? Is our efforts for advertising signs and billboards cover Knox County helpful, or is it more of an annoyance and making voters go the other direction?

Either way, the 50 plus people didn’t seem too happy and my heart hurt as they were thrown into our sea of politicalness. Maybe we are going around this the wrong way and need to rethink how we push our candidates to the NORMAL person?

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