Honoring Congressman Duncan

Hello Loves,

Let’s talk about the Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner my Loves. This year we honored Congressman Duncan. With a head table that was full of amazing leaders including Marsha Blackburn, Diana Black, and former Governor Don Sundquist.  I’ll put the link below of Congressman Duncan’s full speech but I’ll highlight it for you in this blog.  Each speaker had stories of working closely with Congressman Duncan and they weren’t just quick stories they were heartfelt stories that always had a funny story in them.

Each one of them talked about his passion for Tennessee and loving his constituents. When it was time for Congressman Duncan to talk it was a different speech that I had ever heard him do. Normally he spoke about what we will be seeing the next year in Congress and what we accomplished in the past. However, this time he spent the whole speech talking about his family and their dedication to him and how special they are. It was refreshing and definitely a very thought out and passionate speech that truly showed how much he loves his family.

I wish I knew what Congressmen Duncan has instore for his future. I don’t think he’s done with politics. How does one just shut that off after 30 plus years of living and breathing it? Maybe Governor one day? Will he run for Mayor? Who knows but it is sad to see him leave congress, on the other hand it’s also exciting to see who will win his seat this year.

2 thoughts on “Honoring Congressman Duncan

  1. Great idea! Let’s honor Duncan, a corrupt congressman who funneled hundreds of thousands into his corrupt son’s wallet and continues to help Allison Burchett spread lies about your so-called favorite Mayor, Tim Burchett. Why don’t you write about that? Love.


    1. I didn’t choose the speaker. I just reported on the event. Your correct Mayor Burchett is my favorite and when I find hard core facts on all of that I will. But I do not write a slander blog. I don’t plan on running anyone’s name through the mud, I’m researching it all. Thank you.


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