Guns and Teachers

Hello Loves,

Guns and Schools. It’s been a huge topic for a month now, but where do you stand and what can you do? Local students have been walking out to stand in protest that more gun laws should be enforced. Is that really making a difference?  

Knoxville is holding a Handgun Carry Permit class for teachers and this class is filling up fast. Is that the right answer though? What can you do? It’s time to let your voice be heard and call your legislators! Tell them what you think!  So how do you contact them? You can go to the link below and look them up plus you can look up all the bills they are working on. Click here to go to the website, get there email, or call them up! Let your voice be heard!

2 thoughts on “Guns and Teachers

  1. I applaud you, McCalla, for brining this matter up. Sure would like to read comments from local HS student leaders who feel strongly about addressing gun safety in schools, if you can find them. Would also welcome hearing from teachers, principals, and administrators on the subject. By continuing to shine light on this matter, in my opinion, you would be serving your community admiringly.


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