Local Ingredients and Tacos!

Hello Loves,

Tacos, tequila and whiskey.  These are the three words that make up Chivo Taqueria in Downtown Knoxville. Let me tell you, this place is perfect for a good meal and drinks. Let’s start with the food. I am a taco loving woman. If anyone asks me what I want for breakfast, lunch, or dinner the answer will always be tacos, fries, or donuts. I was very happy to hear that all of Chivo’s meat is grass feed and local and that’s amazing to me. They take the time to pick the best LOCAL ingredients and add them in to there american-mexican menu. The tortillas are handmade in the restaurant daily, and boy oh boy… can you taste it.

The appetizers that we ordered were the Queso Fundido (that was baked Chihuahua Manchego) and Kasseri Cheese with chorizo, roasted poblanos and warm homemade tortillas. I would have devoured that by myself. Then I got the Guacamole (adding Jalapenos… as always) and it was good as well. Their homemade chips paired with it well.

The main course was also very good. If you’re like me, you order fresh Jalapenos with everything. Just make sure you tell them fresh. The tacos were small, but filled to the brim with lots of fresh meats and fresh veggies. They have the same feel as street tacos, but with a restaurant vibe. Everyone was scraping their plates clean by the end of the evening.

Now moving on to drinks. I’m normally a craft beer girl and I enjoy supporting our local breweries. That night I had to try some tequila since this place is known for a large selection of tequila. Oh my goodness, every drink we had was a huge success. They use a lot of  fresh fruits and they are made to perfection. This place would be great even if you just wanted to go out for a fancy drink.

The atmosphere here is great as well, with giant lights and a spanish meets rustic knoxville feeling. What I liked most about it was that this place can fill all your going out needs. It was a great restaurant and makes for a prime place for a date night, a night out with friends at the bar, or even a really good lunch spot. This will definitely be a place I keep going back to visit. The location is 314 S. Gay Street and the hours are Monday through Sunday. They open at 11:00 am and close on weekdays at 10:00 pm and weekends 11:00 pm.

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