Signs.. Signs.. Signs

Hello Loves,

I know Knoxville is starting to be covered with political signs, but I promise you they will be gone after May 1st. Do you know why? Because May 1st is Election Day! With a little more than 6 weeks to do you know what have I seen? I have seen signs being slashed with box cutters or  knives. This is not the way to get your word out that you do not support a candidate the way to get your candidate’s name out there is to get a sign from the candidate you do support and put that in your yard and then go vote!

While we are on the subject of signs, what do all these signs really mean? Well, you need to look at two things when you see a yard sign. First, who is it? Second, where is the sign? Is it in a yard or a ride away? A sign in a yard or large personal property area means the person who owns the property is supporting that candidate.  A sign in the ride away just means that a candidate’s campaign is trying really hard to be seen and get as many votes as possible.

Keep this in mind, the more signs you see doesn’t mean that the candidate is in the lead or has all the support.  However, the more signs in people’s actual yards is an indicator of support or votes. Just a little FYI.

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