Welcome Glenn Jacobs!

Hello Loves,

Let’s welcome another wonderful advertiser to this blog Glenn Jacobs running for Knox County Mayor. Jacob’s campaign theme is Fighting the Way for Our Future and he has a real passion for Knoxville. In many conversations we have had about why he is running, he always speaks about how much he loves Knoxville. With his career of being a WWE wrestler he could live anywhere he wanted to and he chooses Knoxville Tennessee. Jacobs says “ I believe that we can make Knox County as example to America of what happens when all of us work together to make our communities stronger, our schools better and our economy more powerful”.

His stance on raising taxes? It’s a no, and he sticks to his word when he says that. His team has been working hard on knocking on doors to get the word out and he has helped raise money for  many functions and events. They are really making it known to the community that he is running.

His next event will be Thursday at Rothschild’s as he hosts the professional wrestler, The Undertaker.
I want to personally tell you that Jacobs is not just a wrestler. I have had many conversations with him and he has awesome ideas for Knoxville and what he needs to do to make it happen. He loves Knoxville, but he also knows how Knox County runs. It’s all about working together as one and Jacobs plans to do just that if you elect him as your next County Mayor. If you would like more information about Glenn Jacobs, please go to any of these 3 websites:  Glenn Jacobs WebsiteFacebook or Twitter.

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