A Knoxville Man From Alabama, and a Huge Birthday!

Hello Loves,

I going to take a few minutes today to tell you about a man who has made Knoxville amazing for so many years. You may not know him, but I bet if your Mommas and Daddies are still around then you probably went to his store many years ago.

Dwight Coppock was born in Cullman, Alabama and started working for a little store called Watsons at 10 years old. He started hanging pants and turned it into a career with that company that lasted well over 50 years. Dwight bought products other stores and Watsons would sell it at a great price. It was this dynamic job that moved him to Knoxville where would raise his kids and build a life.

He served God at West Knoxville Baptist. His wife worked every single Vacation Bible School there with 6 grandkids that were the main group. The church grew and he continued to serve his community and touch lives with his family there.


He retired from Watsons twice. He could now spend more time at home to help raise and cherish his family. Every Sunday he made sure his family was together.  His wife would cook a big meal for the whole family to eat and talk about their week.

This man has so many amazing qualities. Even though he isn’t  in the fashion business anymore, he always makes sure I have some sense of style. His serving soul has led him to help the families of many co-workers who have passed away to pick up the pieces and carry on. The neighborhood all knew him for his amazing garden that could feed the family throughout the winter. As a God fearing man, he knows the bible inside and out and shares his knowledge with anyone interested to learn.


I know him differently. This man has made me the woman that I am today. He has taught me that ONE DOLLAR is a lot of money and that 10 percent of that dollar goes to God first. This man has always told me that working hard isn’t just a man’s job, but it can be my job too. I was taught to always follow your dreams, but pray about them first. He is very adamant about Sundays being for church, family, and napping only. He says a good manager leads by example and doesn’t just bark orders. He has always assumed me that it’s okay to laugh and be silly. What I am trying to explain to you is this man is my POPS and today is his 98th Birthday! So today I ask you to think. What would someone write about you on your 98th birthday? Will it be good? Will it talk about how dedicated you are and how much you care or will it talk about how negative you are?  My Loves, I challenge you to be like my pops. Get involved in your community and change someone’s life. I promise it will be worth it. And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hero, my first love, my pops


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