Guns and Teachers

Hello Loves, Guns and Schools. It's been a huge topic for a month now, but where do you stand and what can you do? Local students have been walking out to stand in protest that more gun laws should be enforced. Is that really making a difference?   Knoxville is holding a Handgun Carry Permit … Continue reading Guns and Teachers

Come On Down!

Hello Loves, Saturday is the our very own Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett official Campaign Headquarters grand opening for his Congress campaign. The event will take place at 5902 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37929 and will be starting at 10:30am. You can celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with our (hopefully) soon to be congressman. Lunch will be … Continue reading Come On Down!

Brad Anders Speaks

Hello Loves, On Monday, Commissioner Brad Anders spoke at West Knoxville Republican Club. It was the first time I heard him be the main speaker and all eyes and ears were on him. Anders gave the run down of where he comes from and what helped make him the man that he is today. I’ll … Continue reading Brad Anders Speaks

Local Ingredients and Tacos!

Hello Loves, Tacos, tequila and whiskey.  These are the three words that make up Chivo Taqueria in Downtown Knoxville. Let me tell you, this place is perfect for a good meal and drinks. Let’s start with the food. I am a taco loving woman. If anyone asks me what I want for breakfast, lunch, or … Continue reading Local Ingredients and Tacos!

International Women’s Day

Hello Loves, International Women's Day 2018 is March 8th which is today my loves! What is International Women’s Day? It is the day that commemorates the movement for women's rights.  This is when we celebrate the fact that we can use our voices and vote for who we want, have equal pay, reproductive rights, own … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Signs.. Signs.. Signs

Hello Loves, I know Knoxville is starting to be covered with political signs, but I promise you they will be gone after May 1st. Do you know why? Because May 1st is Election Day! With a little more than 6 weeks to do you know what have I seen? I have seen signs being slashed … Continue reading Signs.. Signs.. Signs

O’Connor Center Pancake Festival

Hello Loves, On Friday the O'connor Center had their biggest fundraiser of the year; The Pancake Festival. Here are a few pictures of everything.  Just to remind you this event was just five dollars for all you can eat pancakes. The O'connor Center helps seniors all over Knoxville be more active with computer classes, medical … Continue reading O’Connor Center Pancake Festival