Swag Bag 2018

Hello Loves, Let’s talk swag bags. Knox County's GOP had there Lincoln Day Dinner and there were Swag bags for each seat. Candidates running for an office are allowed to donate an item to each bag as a way to get their names out to the attendees. I like seeing the different items that people … Continue reading Swag Bag 2018

Tax Raises are ok?

Hello Loves, Let’s talk taxes. More important, why would we need a tax increase? With all this Mayor talk, everyone is all about whether or not they would do a tax increase. Although I’m all about NO TAX raises… Why would someone say they would increase taxes? Well, roads is one reason we could have … Continue reading Tax Raises are ok?

Sea of Crazy?

Hello Loves, Knox County GOP, had their annual Lincoln Day dinner on Friday. I’ve already written a blog about how that night went but, I wanna talk about something that I noticed and heard.   The Lincoln Day dinner was held at Rothchild’s Catering Center and the GOP had the biggest room, but they have … Continue reading Sea of Crazy?

Honoring Congressman Duncan

Hello Loves, Let’s talk about the Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner my Loves. This year we honored Congressman Duncan. With a head table that was full of amazing leaders including Marsha Blackburn, Diana Black, and former Governor Don Sundquist.  I’ll put the link below of Congressman Duncan's full speech but I’ll highlight it for you … Continue reading Honoring Congressman Duncan

Guns and Teachers

Hello Loves, Guns and Schools. It's been a huge topic for a month now, but where do you stand and what can you do? Local students have been walking out to stand in protest that more gun laws should be enforced. Is that really making a difference?   Knoxville is holding a Handgun Carry Permit … Continue reading Guns and Teachers