Favorites In This Election Cycle?

Hello Loves,

I think I may need to take time to explain how this blog works. Advertisers are allowed on this great blog. With that purchase, you are not buying a vote or an endorsement. I am also not helping on your campaign. Ad space is purely bought to get your name or your company’s name out in Knoxville. Since this blog’s readers are typically voters and people who love  Knoxville,  you will from time to time have a local ad about one of our amazing men or women that are running for a local political job.

Please know that it is not my job to tell you who should get your vote. I’m just relaying the information I’ve been given. I want to give the information so you can have an educated vote when you go to the election booth. I think anyone who puts themselves out there for an elected job should be given the utmost respect. The act of allowing others into your personal life because you want to serve them as a community is a very strong show of love for Knoxville. So there you go folks.

No worries, I’m not playing favorites. I love everyone….well, of course I have one favorite. Mayor Burchett is the best (in my opinion), but it’s not like y’all didn’t already know that.

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