Mayor Burchett’s Rebuttal

Hello Loves

It is always important to make sure your information is correct when blogging or making a complaint about a campaign.

A few local media outlets shared a untrue story about our County Mayor. Here is his rebuttal from his campaign… research loves it’s very important.

Andrew Davis, Campaign Manager for Burchett for Congress:

“Van Shaver is part of Rep. Matlock’s campaign, and it’s truly sad to see Rep. Matlock following up his illegal contributions with blatant falsehoods. Rep. Matlocks’s complaint is as shoddy as his own FEC report, and cites companies that didn’t even contribute to Mayor Burchett. Unlike Rep. Malock’s filing, Mayor Burchett’s FEC report adheres to federal election laws. Perhaps the Matlock campaign should do their own homework correctly before trying to do ours for us.”

There it is Loves. Another slander blog just to ruin the name of Mayor Burchett, tisk tisk.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Burchett’s Rebuttal

  1. What a pity Hornback can’t seem to stop calling people names. Rude names at that. One of these days Hornback everything is going to blow up in your face and I’m surprised it hasn’t already. Compared to you Tim Burchett is one of the most honorable men in this town. You wouldn’t know what that word meant. If this town is/we’re smart they would picket anyone who pays for an ad on your sorry blog. I saw through you years ago. Unfortunately it is taking others longer.


    1. You can say what you like about Hornback (and leave it to others to wonder whether your views resulted from or helped to produce the malicious anonymous mailings attacking Brian); but I have known Tim Burchett for thirty years. Until and unless shown clear proof to the contrary, I maintain that Tim IS one of, if not THE, most honorable men in Knoxville. IMO, the Supreme Court has gone too far in its reconstruction of the First Amendment, which was never intended to protect knowing falsehood or baseless calumany.


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