Kick the Flu!


Hello Loves,

The flu and cruddiness is taking over Knoxville! Knox County schools have closed, preschools have closed, the ER and doctors offices are full of flu and upper respiratory infections. If you’re like me you are trying to figure out what on the world can you do to keep your family and yourself germ free and free from sickness!

Well the crud hit my house hard this weekend and I have found the golden ticket to cutting your cold in half.  I have to disclose that I AM NOT A DOCTOR, please go to the doctor if you think you have the flu or even a bad cough.  With that said let me introduce you to ELDERBERRY SYRUP! Yes, that’s right elderberry syrup cut my cold in half …im sure of it!   So what is it? It a plant that is made into a syrup that can do an assort amount of things to your body, Its an immune system booster, that can also reduce blood pressure, ease a  sinus infection and can help cure the flu.  

It actually was used during the 1995 Panama flu epidemic, the government used it to fight the flu. Knowing all this when I started to feel sick I knew I had to find some elderberry syrup and so i did what any millennial would do, I went to facebook and found  The Cox Homestead , a local family that has eggs, fruit and elderberry syrup. I sent a message that I wanted a quart and off i went to pick it up off John Sevier Highway.  The family were super friendly and the syrup is the best ever.  I know that with taking it my cold has been shortened and I am back to my bossy and nosey go to girl self.  


My recommendation is for you to contact them today and get yours! You will not regret it.  I take it 1 tablespoon 3 times a day with a cold and i give my son only one tablespoon when I can tell he’s getting sick.  It’s worth a try with all the germs out there and you’re supporting a LOCAL FAMILY! Which is the best I think!

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