The Ugly Truth

Hello Loves,

The ugly side of politics is a side that most people don’t see, unless you’re in the business. It’s hard to understand why a person would want to take down a whole campaign team just because they do not support your candidate. Its sick, sad, and needs to stop. Attacking the candidate themselves is understandable. They signed up for this, right? When a candidate decides to run, they know they would be investigated too and put on display to have every piece of their life sorted through with a fine tooth comb.

But their employers? Their Wives? Their Children? NO! It’s sad when running for an elected office you have to pretty much quit your job, keep your kids in the house, and tell your wife to just smile and look pretty because the local media and the opponent will attack you.  

Knoxville DOES NOT want dirty politics. We want a plan for the future. We want a foundation on what you’re going to do if I vote for you. I don’t want to read about your wife and your kids personal business. This frustrates me more than anything else.


I think the media and other candidates slander like this because they don’t have a plan or foundation on why they want to run. Maybe they should figure it out instead of beating a family down with lies and torture. That’s just my free opinion and just like this blog is free, take it for what it’s worth.

One thought on “The Ugly Truth

  1. This is nothing new. It is been going on forever. They do this because they don’t want people doing it to them. It’s a sad world. The people slandering are the people you need to be looking at. Because the people that you’re doing it to her the people we want and they know that. The other ones are the liars and the cheaters and the thieves and they know they are . Knoxville politics is the worst and until we get out the ones that of been there forever, it will stay the same. We need new blood. I have said that for years. Get the old out and bring in the new or it will stay the same. They will continue to lie about the people so they can stay there and collect and collect and collect off Knox County. The sad thing is that there are people out there afraid of him. That’s the sad thing of Knoxville politics. Knoxville needs to wake up.

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