Welcome Bob Thomas for County Mayor 2018

Hello Loves,

Bob yard sign

Let’s welcome Bob Thomas who is running for Knox County Mayor.  Bob Thomas is currently one of only two at large County Commissioners here in Knox County. Since 2014 besides being a County Commissioner he has served on many other boards such as Chairman of Knox County Disability Committee, Knox County Pension and Retirement Committee, Metro Drug Coalition Board, Young WIlliams Animal Center Board and much more.

Bob Thomas Campaign is simple but full of strong Campaign Promises for all of our Volunteers. This includes: Keeping our taxes low, making sure your children’s education is the best, and making sure we are getting the most out of our tax dollars, safe neighborhoods, and making sure you voice is being heard at all times.


Throughout his campaign he has been very active in the community and he And and his wife Kim have been visiting a new church every Sunday on his faith tour around the County.


If you want  more information on Bob Thomas you can go to his  web site, Facebook, and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Bob Thomas for County Mayor 2018

  1. I’m going with Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor. “I believe that we can make Knox County an example to America of what happens when all of us work together to make our communities stronger, our schools better, and our economy more powerful.” Take a serious look at Glenn Jacobs. I think he will make a fantastic mayor and hopefully a Senator someday. https://heavy.com/news/2017/04/glenn-jacobs-kane-political-views-positions-party-libertarian-republican-mayor/


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