Rallies and Much More

Hello Loves,

This past weekend was full of rallies. I tried to cover as much as I could, but the Women’s March and The Right to Life March were at the same time. Needless to say, I did a lot of walking to get to both of them.  

The Women’s March was held at Krutch Park and have never seen so many women in one place. I will admit I had some preconceived thoughts about this event because I simply had never been to one. I worried it would be just Republican bashing or bashing of my President. While I did see some not-so-nice signs about President Trump, most of the voices were focused on women empowerment. There was no mention of government shutdowns, abortions, or anything else that didn’t focus on women empowering other women, from the speakers. I just need to say that I loved this event. I support women uplifting women 110%. There needs to be more uplifting than cutting each other down. I’ll hop off my soapbox before I digress too much. Our City Council was in attendance and all 3 of the women stood proud and strong upfront, including our City Mayor. In My eyes, this event was directed towards voting and letting your voice be heard.  

There was push back from a few people in a Neo-Natzi group unfortunately. They were holding flags and yelling, but our Boys in Blue were on alert and kept everyone safe. The Neo-Natzis exercised their First Amendment rights and let there opinions be known, but the strong women at the march didnt give them much notice. One of the speakers was the amazing and talented community leader and ambassador for all women, Ms. Vivian Underwood Shipe.


Vivian didn’t disrespect our President. She spoke on how important it is to vote. She said that you need to let your voice me heard and the best way to do so is to vote. I LOVED her speech because I feel like it’s what I preach every day in my blogs, on the radio, and anywhere I can get someone to listen to me. The final record estimated there were 10,000 women in attendance at the Women’s March.

At the same time as The Women’s March, The Right to Life March was going on at the World’s Fair site. It was supposed to be at the amphitheater, but got moved indoors due to the threat of hate groups. Our great County Mayor was there to greet, help seat guests, or answer questions involving the event. He was definitely NOT using this march as a platform to campaign, which in my eyes was a good thing. This was a rally for the protection of unborn children, not an opportunity to get your vote out. A few other politicians that were there (with their stickers in hand) were Jimmy Matlock, Dain Black, and Randy Byod. State Representatives Jason Zachary, Bill Dunn, (his wife was the main organizer for this event), and former State Rep. Stacey Campfield were there to show support.  

Both events were well attended and showed how diverse it can be in Knoxville. Congratulations to the event coordinators of both marches on two very successful events in our city! I can only how stressful it can be planning something so big and you all knocked it out of the park.

One thought on “Rallies and Much More

  1. Bill Lee for TN Governor and his wife Maria were in attendance! No stickers or other advertising materials were passed out! He was asked to speak!


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