Questions YOU Need To Ask

Hello Loves,

With so many Campaign Kickoffs and Campaign headquarters openings, I felt it was important to tell you why you should go to the event. I know not everyone is in love with politics like I am. So why would events like this be important to the average voter?

Events like these are really made for you to come and meet the candidate one on one. This opportunity is a way you can ask all the burning questions that you want to answered. So what questions should you ask? Well, it all depends on the position for which the person wants.  Here are some questions I ask when I hear someone is running for an elected office.

First things first… What are you running for? Find out what job they want and if they go into detail what the job description is.

Why do they want this job? This question is always important because you want to understand why they would be crazy enough to want a job like that. Is it because they like there names in light or do they truly have a desire to work for our community.

What qualifications do they have that would help them to handle this job if they win?  Come on people… you wouldn’t hire a truck driver to be a doctor. They have to have some knowledge and have a good foundation for what the job requires.

Lastly, if affiliation matters to you then ask if they are republican, democratic or libertarians.  

Events like Kick-offs and opening of Campaign Headquarters can be scary and overwhelming, but I’m begging you to go and get to know your candidates. Your vote counts so make it a good one!

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