Help Fellow Knoxvillians

Hello Loves,

As I’m writing this it’s 14 degrees outside. I am cozied on my couch thinking about how blessed I am for warmth of my little heater by my feet and a fuzzy blanket wrapped around me. I’m a blessed woman but I do not take that for granted.  All my life I grew up one paycheck away from losing it all just like most families. Could you imagine not having your home, a blanket, or even heat at night to sleep?

Here in Knoxville we have many Knoxvillians who are not as blessed as we are, who live under a bridge or under a tent, I even saw the other day someone sleeping in a trash can. This is not what I want for my fellow Knoxvillians we need to help. Vivian Underwood Shipe is working hard to make sure no one has to sleep in the cold but she needs your help.

Mrs. Vivian and Eternal Life Harvest Center, and many volunteers have turned the church into what it was meant for a safe haven for people in need. A place to get a warm meal and a comfy bed or cot to sleep on and warm up from the bitter cold of a frigid day.  But they need your help!

Here is a list of what is needed for next week you can drop the stuff off at the west location 1801 Western Ave, if you are to busy call me McCalla Around Knoxville and I will come to you and pick up your donation. Please help in any and every way possible that you can.

Styrofoam Cups


Hot Apple Cider

Dish Washing Liquid


Bottled and Jug Water

Pam Spray

Gallon Zip Lock Bags

Brillo Pads


Clorox Wipes

Preschool Sleeping Mats


If you can help in anyways please let me know. Please be a blessing to someone that you don’t know.

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