Elkmont Exchange Will Change Central Ave.

Hello Loves,

What I love about Knoxville is we are quickly becoming the beer capital of Tennessee. With that being said, a new brewery has opened up and I have fallen in love with everything about it. You will find the Elkmont Exchange off of Central Ave. You can’t miss it. There’s a large half wooden fence, huge fire pit and crafty wood tables and seats that are just waiting for you as you pull in.

As you walk into this great dining experience, you will see pictures of cabins that were actually in the Great Smoky Mountains. There was a little summer village that socialites , old Knoxville Money and more used to own cabins called Elkmont. Think of the movie dirty dancing, but better. Most of these families spent all summer at these cabins in The Smokies and raised their families, loving the mountain air and much more.  

Owners Alex Violette and Ryan Davenport grew up hiking on these trails. Through their love of Elkmont and brewing beer, a great dining experience was born.

I ate lunch there recently and got the most amazing hot fried chicken sandwich and fries that I have had in YEARS! The fries themselves were perfection. They were waffle fries like Chick-fil-a, but cooked a little more for that extra crunch and with a seasoning salt that I could pour on everything. I also got to sample the BLT with a creamy tomato soup that hit the spot on a cold day.

Now let’s not just stop at the food. It’s a brewery as well and let me say this… you will want to sample them all. Let’s start with the amazing cold brew infused light larger. I love coffee beers, but this one is by far the best I’ve ever had. It had a light color to it with a hint of coffee that would make any coffee lover want another cup. Another spicy and amazing beer was called Death By Saison.This beer is a farmhouse ale made with hot peppers. Before you say no way, it’s the perfect hint of hot that paired well with my sandwich and added a nice heat at the end of every gulp that was perfect. I feel like I could go on and on about the different beers and the best thing about it is they change though the seasons. So you have to come back and keep trying them all to find your favorites.  

Elkmont Exchange is definitely a perfect date night or even a family outing place. They have their own meat curing room you can see through the window and a great area for kids to play and read while you wait for your table. I’m completely  fired up like the fireflies that come out only in the summer in Elkmont over this dinning arena and am urging you to get out and enjoy!

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