This is Why People Hate Politics.

Hello Loves,

I was looking through petitions that have been picked up and something caught my eye.

Scott Smith one of four candidates running for Knox County Circuit Court Clerk in the May 1st Republican primary has also picked up a petition to run for his current seat, State Executive Committeeman for District 5. Now there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s not against the rules and from my understanding funds can be transferred if needed and it’s even a whole different primary election which will be held in August.

My question is why? If you’re already running for a job why not just give that one your all? Is he scared he may lose against Don Ridings, Tim Wheeler, or Charlie Susano? Has he finally understood that this race isn’t just about Juvenile Court like he has stated multiple times but it’s about a job at a whole? Not just one section of court but all the courts? That with this job he has no policy decision with the opioid epidemic? Should it be fair to run and run and run, regardless if he can? And lastly should we not have a concern that he’s just running to have a title and position? Either way, I noticed it. Maybe his heart is just one to serve. I’m not judging just wondering what his plan is?  Scott pick one and run this is why people hate politics, it’s not about the people its about what serves the politician.

2 thoughts on “This is Why People Hate Politics.

  1. Obviously I must have missed something. You make an assertion that Scott Smith should not hold both “offices at one time…except that one of the two slots you are referring to is actually a “job“, a paid staff position, and the other one is a volunteer committee position.

    Frankly, I find it refreshing that someone is willing to man up and continue to serve his party while efforting to win an office that desperately needs an overhaul. That’s called “service to our community”, not a reason to “hate politics”. As far as the “fear” commentary goes, Scott is running a full-time business while actively pursuing both office and committee post. I don’t see any of his competitors putting out anything close to the level of effort, so you seem to have a very skewed definition of fear as well.


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