A Conversation with Senators

Hello Loves,

Women League of Voters held a forum to inform Knoxvillians about what we may see in session this year, but they also allowed for citizens to ask any questions they wanted about past sessions, past votes, or past bills.

It was very well put together and was a free event including a wonderful free lunch. Senator Richard Briggs attended as well as Senator Becky Duncan Massey. Both answered every question and explained very thoroughly as much as the could.  

We started out with Senator Becky Duncan Massey giving us a quick run down about what she thinks we will see. She feels session will be shorter this year due to it being a election season and they don’t have the transportation infrastructure package to do. She states that the opioid addiction will definitely be on the agenda, mental health issues and treatment, juvenile justice reform and the budget. She states when doing the budget, it’s give and take. You’re not looking at good and bad, but good and good.

The questions asked were about what bills each of them are sponsoring. Senator Briggs talked about how hard it is to hire because they have a difficult time finding people who are not on drugs. It’s a huge issue. Hospitals being closed and access to rule health care is a strong focus for Senator Briggs.

School vouchers was a big deal and took about 30 minutes of the conversation and the discussion about the monument that was taken down in Memphis.

All in all, the Saturday was well spent. I am excited about what our legislation will do starting Tuesday! Thank you to the Women League of Voters for taking the time to put this together and helping get people out to vote to have a say in our local government!

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