Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!

Hello Loves,

On Tuesday night Karns Republican club in collaboration with the Karns Community Center held an informative meet n greet and question and answer event with the three republican candidates that have announced at this time.

Brad Anders, Glen Jacobs and Bob Thomas.  I’ll give you the highlights of the conversation if you want to see it you can go to McCalla Around Knoxville Facebook Page here are some of the highlights I brought home.

I’ve never heard Brand Anders talk he was efficient and did not dance around the questions. I’ll start with taxes when asked if he would raise taxes he didn’t say no like the rest he said pretty much only if we had to because you can’t predict the future.  He seemed to really know how Knoxville has been ran through his many years working on commission. He is the District 6 Commissioner at this time and with KPD.   He stated in his opening statements that he wants to continue to move Knox County forward with creating not more jobs but more better jobs. He wants to increase our workforce development.  He was very knowledgeable with MPC and he wants to separate the cities MPC from the counties. Anders says he differs from Mayor Burchett because he feels infrastructure needs to be updated and continue to really grow and plan and stop being so reactionary. He wants to be more long term thinking.

Glen Jacobs held his own with starting first and foremost he doesn’t have any experience in government his experience comes from dealing with the government and the problems it causes.  He stated he knows what it’s like to worry about paying your bills and how he wants to save more of your money in your pocket as mayor.  He wants to make sure he works closely with our children and having the best education they can to pursue the best education in what they want to do weather it is high education or now. Jacob’s does not feel government is not the answer to the problem but is the problem. He was the only Mayor candidate that mentioned the opioid addiction stating that it’s not just our problem but its a bigger problem. His answer to raising taxes was a simple NO! Glenn Believes Knox County is the Capital of Tennessee and all of our great attributes and he wants to really take that step keep competitive with not only Nashville and Asheville but the whole world.  He wants to strive for excellence and that starts here.

Bob Thomas also a Commissioner in Knox County opened with remarks about his passion and how hard he has worked for Knoxville all his life.  I had no idea Thomas started the Downtown Christmas parade in 75. Thomas spoke about making sure MPC has the right receptartion in the areas that they work which seemed like a good idea since their jobs will be affecting the areas that represent.  Thomas says he sees himself as a very flexible mayor who will be more of a listener and a watcher.  He wants to be very open to what the community wants, he feels the mayor’s job is to rally good people around him that will do a great job. He he also said No to new raising taxes.

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