2018 and What You will See

Hello Loves


Happy New Year! Its Officially 2018 we can say goodbye to 2017, whether it was was great or horrible, it’s in the past and now it’s time for us to embrace a new day and a new start!

This Is A HUGE year for Knoxville starting with election season. It will be officially full throttle now, get ready to see yard signs and get calls asking you to vote for random politicians.  By the end of this year we will have: a new county mayor, a new sheriff, new county commission members, and new school board members. This year could change the history of Knoxville in one swipe of the button.

Larger than Knoxville our legislation will began again on January 8th and the main focus this year is Tennessee opioid abuse and drug overdoses.  I’ll be in Nashville almost twice a week to keep you up to date on what our great men and women are doing and how they are trying to help our great state.

We still have our very own County Mayor and many more running for congress. It’s seriously going to be a wild ride but what else will this new year in Knoxville bring? Will we finally get some answers and see how the safety center works? Will we be able to relocate and better help our homeless living under our bridges?

We have a lot that can change for our great city. What do you have planned?  You are given a whole new year, it’s wiped clean of the crap that 2017 left behind. My prayer for you is to make a plan and achieve it! As for me I plan on bringing you the best information I can. Let’s make this a great year Loves!  Eat your black eyed peas and collard greens and let’s rock this year!

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