Amazing Work From an Incredible Girl

Hello Loves,

Let me tell you about this incredible kindergartener that I personally know.  I want to let everyone reading this know that it is never too soon to teach your children the power of voting and government.  


Students  were asked to write about citizenship with length requirements varying by grade levels.  Winners were chosen by the State of Tennessee Secretary of State’s office and the prize was as follows: $500 scholarship for first place, $250 for second and third and all three will visit the State Capital in the Spring.  

The winners came from all around Tennessee and where all ages from 12th grade to kindergarten. One of our very own Knoxvillians won the first place as a kindergarten to second grade category.


Maci Aylor, a Kindergartener from Blue Grass Elementary School beat hundreds of kids from kindergarten to second grade with her amazing essay and picture. Maci’s answer to what is a citizen was someone who follows the rules, cares for the world, helps others in need, votes, volunteers and so much more. Her picture with her essay is  below. I want you to take the time and look at every single picture and words that she lists.What is that saying…. from the mouth of babes?

Great job Mommy and Daddy and also to the teachers that helped instill a love for our great state.  Watch out world, mark my words that this smart, funny, talented little girl is going to take over the world!

7 thoughts on “Amazing Work From an Incredible Girl

  1. McCalla you are a great role model for our young people….setting a goal and working to achieve it. You Go Girl!

    Thanks for the recognition for Maci’s award! This was a big honor for her and our community. You are the only blog or news source I am aware of that reported the achievement even when it was a press release from the Governor’s office.

    I appreciate your positive reporting and down with the truth blog.


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