We Have a Train!

Hello Loves,

All aboard! I spent my Tuesday not doing food reviews or tracking down the next political candidate. Oh no, I spent my Tuesday on the reading to kids as we trucked through the tracks of East Tennessee on The Three Rivers Rambler. 

It kind of sounds like the beginnings of a hallmark story…I know… but let me tell you, this is a treat for children and adults too! This adventure has so many great aspects. I feel like I’ll never be able to touch on them all. First, let’s start with the train! I have never been on a train before so the ride itself was amazing, but each cart in the train had something new to do. Hot cocoa, crafts, and of course time for a special reader to read a warm hearted christmas story. The one I read was written by one of our very own here in knoxville, Karen Bishop.  

I’m not giving away the story line at all. You’re going to have to come and hear it for yourself. Let me tell you though, the train ride alone is perfect for a first date or a 50th date. And if your not looking into a event now, they do events all year round. You can even rent the whole train ride out for a trip for your friends or a party.  
On Tuesday, we were on the train for a total of 2 hours and the ride was smooth and perfect.  Please go check it out and book your next adventure!

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