A Caring Heart

Hello Loves,

On Monday night, one of our fearless heros in Knoxville was shot in the line of duty. The Officer went to respond to a possible suicide call. When he arrived, the situation worsened and he was shot in the arm and it went through his chest. The result is the officer is alive, but with a few broken ribs, a hole in his body, and a collapsed lung. This blog itself isn’t to remind anyone of how our police officers lay their lives down daily for us. It isn’t even about how this officer is special to my family because he also guards our church every Sunday. No, this blog is about what happens after an officer is shot and wounded.

I was informed that when this officer was in the hospital, the 2nd in command Lee Tramell showed up to check on him. I thought was kind of him, but someone else showed up before.

Tom Spangler, also running for sheriff showed up. At first I was kind of hateful about this visit. Why is a man who doesn’t work for the sheriff’s office showing up? Is he really here for votes because this is not the time nor place campaigning. My hateful attitude was quickly put in place when I sent a message about this and the response made me literally weep. It clearly stated that Tom Spangler has done that his whole career. He has been visiting injured officers for the past 30 something years that he has worked in law enforcement. Also, his caring heart is not just for Knox County. Oh no, he visits the officers in Knox County, Alcoa, and Maryville.


What? Seriously? My heart grew like the Grinch’s did at the end of the story. I felt bad for putting him in a political box. I guess some people truly do care, no matter who is looking.

2 thoughts on “A Caring Heart

  1. The officer in this picture is not the officer who was wounded. But I will say that when I was injured in an attempted escape on April 1st of this year, Tom Spangler called me that night to make sure I was OK and if I needed anything. That one phone call meant everyrhing to me. This picture is the night I graduated the Knox County Reserve Academy and was welcomed by Cheif Spangler. Anyone that has a doubt that he has the Knox county citizens best interest at heart, just ask the ones who have worked with him. Proud to call him Sheriff Spangler on election night.


    1. Your right sir. The picture is not of the officer wounded I didn’t want to plaster the officers face all over the internet he’s a friend but I didn’t want to exploit him for my blog. So I choose a picture of him with one of his supporters! Your not the first officer to say this I truly believe he has a huge heart for our men and women in blue and cares!


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