Heroes Wanted!

Hello Loves,


Are you looking to start the new year with a new career? Knoxville is hiring FIREFIGHTERS right now and they are in much need of some help.  When I say they are hiring I mean they need 40 more to complete their shifts and do what needs to be done for our great city. I spoke with a fireman the other day and the need for this is truly a Christmas wish from these men and woman that brave the harsh world and risk their lives for us.

You can apply by going to the city of Knoxville’s web page or by clicking right here. This job will only be open until 4:30 this Wednesday!  The job title is firefighter recruit and it does have some need to know information before you apply.


You will have to be able to pass a drug test.  There is also a written test you will have to take. You need to be physically fit because your health keeps other people safe. You must be 18 years or older and you must have a GED or High school diploma.


I want to also add some of my two cents in. We seem to forget how important these men and women are to our community. They don’t just get cats out of the tree’s and fight fires. Yes they do those things, but they also are normally there in an car accident before the police officers shows up. If you call 911 and need an ambulance the fire department are there most of the time before anyone else. Their Job is to help and keep you alive.


We desperately need more people willing to put there life on the line when it counts  and doing this job in Knoxville, if you feel like this is you please apply. And if you need help getting in shape! Hey I know a gym and a few firefighters that will be willing to help you reach your goal!!

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