Oh Sweet Biscuit

Hello Loves,

Oh Sweet Biscuit lovers you are going to want to read this as fast as you can, and then run don’t walk to Maple Street Biscuits. This place is where I’ve decided to dedicate all of my winter fat too. Maple Street Biscuits is located at 9314 Kingston Pike in the shopping center AFTER Starbucks.

This recently opened restaurant has quickly become my favorite new brunch place.  Maple is open Monday – Thursday 7am-2pm, Friday-Saturday 7am-3pm and is closed on Sundays. This Business started out not to make a profit, but to make a difference and be a part of the community that they are in. When you walk in you will notice long tables round and rectangle that are made for large groups of people. These tables are made for you to sit with people you may not know to meet your neighbor or make a new friend. You order at the front and instead of taking your name they have a question on the wall that answer is what they will call out when your food or coffee is ready. For example when I went the question was what made your heart grow this year? So of course while sitting there you heard things like love, a new job, or a new puppy. It was hard to talk to everyone I was with because I wanted to hear all these happy thoughts.

The food was ready super fast and I ate it just as fast as I got it. Now are you ready for the good stuff?? What kind of food do they have. Southern food doesn’t even give it justice, chicken and waffles was a choice one friend made and of course I had to try it.  The waffle wasn’t a super sweet waffle but blended perfectly with the breaded chicken and the maple syrup that made me want to lick the plate clean. I  know not every lady likes that but just you wait until you try it.

I got the most amazing biscuit with chicken, thick bacon, and egg on top covered in the most amazing peppered gravy I have ever had in my whole life.  Loves hear me now I could have eaten that gravey alone with nothing else, once again I know this doesn’t sound very lady like, but I could have eaten that gravy on anything and it would have been AMAZING! Of course they have salads, fried green tomatoes, hash browns that they call hash ups. Let me tell you everything I got was worth the calories I will have to burn off later this week.

The atmosphere is super friendly and positive it’s definitely a great asset to our great city. So share this blog then go right now and eat at Maple Street Biscuits and prepare yourself for the best breakfast since granny’s cooking!

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