End the Fake News!

Hello Loves,

Happy Wednesday! If you listened to talk radio 92.3 then you heard our fearless Mayor Burchett talk about the fake news of the FBI investigating him. I made a few phone calls and guess what. They can neither confirm or deny that they are investigating him, or me, or you or Bob the Builder. Meaning that they have to say that about everyone. This strikes me as a political plunder to smear the name of our great Mayor. Why you ask?? I mean, if you can’t find dirt then might as well make it up right?  

It’s time we take a stand and REALLY look into what these men and women want if they win this congressional seat. Not rumors or hear say, you know everything on facebook isn’t true. It’s time we look into what these politicians stand on and for.  

You all know where I stand and that’s with Burchett. I believe in my heart of hearts he is the man for the job….. But why do I think this? He’s been able to balance our budget and put what Knoxville needs and wants above anything else. He’s focused on the citizens and takes a stand even when no one else is standing. Am i saying the other people aren’t good for the job?
NO. Not at all. We have some wonderful people running.


Jimmy Matlock 20621251_323078404818687_6132012470661597628_nhas done a great job in Nashville and his willingness to meet every single person in a room and look them in the eye and listen is effortless. It shows he truly cares.


Vito A. Sagliano 25371099_10209381863097699_1327491373_omelts my heart. He is a veteran who can captivate a room and is another great choice.


Jason Emert 15977349_1838906043016961_9048510819645788683_n is a hard working man that’s been working for the Young Republicans as the chairman of the Young Republicans National Federation and served as secretary the pervious two years. on top of also being an attorney, a businessman and is a TRUE Republican through and through.

Any of these men would be a great pick for Congress  my job is to help you stay informed to make a choice for yourself and that is what I plan on doing through out this election season.  I don’t want you to pick the candidate I like pick the one that YOU feel is the best for this job, let’s hope this is the last of the fake news. I have a feeling we are in for a LOOONG and bumpy campaign season.

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