What Can you Build With Cans?

Hello Loves,

A local construction company has just melted my heart and made me proud to be a Knoxvillian all in one thought. Messer Construction Company is helping fight to end hunger with their Construction event.  This event is globally recognized for its giant  creations made out of all cans! That’s right reduce, reuse, recycle. Once these giant sculptures are done being displayed the cans will all be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee.


Where can you find all of these great CANSTRUCTIONS? On the third floor of the convention center, but go now because the event will be done December 13th.

Here are a few tips when you go.

  1. Take your kids this is a great opportunity for you to share with them what going without food is like and how these cans will be used to help people in need.
  2. Take pictures of these structures so you can see every detail once again.
  3. Don’t run lol I know this is a given, but if you’re like me you may fall and all of someone’s hard work will be destroyed.
  4. ENJOY! Knoxville never ceases to amaze me how we use our resources to not only have stunning art but also by giving back to the community!


Like always please let me know which one is your favorite creation!

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