Homeless and Mayor Rogero

Hello Loves,

Local 8 News reported on Tuesday that Mayor Rogero had the homeless shelters that were home to the majority of Downtown Knoxville’s homeless population under the I-40 overpass torn down and cleaned up. Many Knoxvillians like me are on the fence over this. Like me, they understand the need to clean up that area. At the same time, my heart breaks because some of us are always just one paycheck from being homeless.

Now that everything is down, we are left with many questions. How long until it’s all built up again? Where are they supposed to go during the cold months until it’s fixed? Who will take care of these people in the meantime? Why isn’t the city doing there job and helping those in need? And then it hit me like a burst of cold air…..it’s not the cities job. Its our’s as a community. We have let the problem get this bad. We haven’t been proactive in helping our fellow man. We have elected people who don’t care. We have sat back and watched humans here in Knoxville who have nothing struggle. It’s not the cities job, it really is the Church’s job to help the poor and the ones in need.

Maybe it’s time for our local churches to take a stand and do their job. Let’s take this out of the city’s hands and put it back where it belongs, in people who claim they truly care….. It’s just a thought.

2 thoughts on “Homeless and Mayor Rogero

  1. It is a hard question our community has not addressed well at all. That being said – I don’t see how bulldozing these “home” at this time of year – ahead of the coldest weekend to date – is the right answer. Where are these people to go – and yes, we can’t forget that we are talking about people, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. It is so easy to get jaded about “those” people who gather under that bridge and cross in traffic, leave trash, and yes, camp out in public.

    Was there a plan to relocate them? Is there?


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