Door to Door Donuts

Hello Loves,

I have BIG NEWS!!! As most of you know there’s a few things I love about life and top 5 is DONUTS! What is better than a donut, but a Makers Donut delivered straight to your house? Yes you read that correctly Makers Donuts has partnered with Uber Eats and now you can have your selection of Makers Donuts delivered to your house starting December 7th! Thats thats today loves, you can download the UberEats app or you can go to

Makers Donuts is homemade that day out of cake like dough that is large and tasteful.  The flavors change from week to week but some of the favorites are maple bacon, lemon drop and funnel cake just to name a few. This great Knoxville restaurant just made your weekends a little sweeter. I’ll definitely will be placing my order as soon as I get this blog up and live. Enjoy your sweet piece of heaven in a donut.

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