Republican Events You can Attend

Hello Loves,

There are a couple Republican events  that I have been made aware of happening this week that. You’re invited to all of them if you want to be around like minded people. Like always if you have an event that you want to be shared contact your go to girl at

Here are the events:

Monday Dec. 4th 7-9 at Barley’s Taproom The new Young Republicans will have a Jingle and Mingle  for their Christmas celebration. This is a great event for ages 18-40 to mingle and get to know this new young republican group.


The other Republican event is Tuesday Dec. 5th at Karns Middle School, 2925 Gray Hendrix Rd. Karns Republican Club is hosting their Christmas dinner and cake auction. This event is from 6-9 and adults are $25. Many elected officials will be there and music will be provided by K. Crown Sound Show Chorus.


These events are a great opportunity for you to get involved and support what you believe in.

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