O Christmas Tree on Rocky Top

Hello Loves,

I started a new tradition with my family this year. The day after Thanksgiving we decided to head downtown to the city’s lighting of the downtown Krutch Park Christmas Tree event. The event was to start at 6pm with lots of kid friendly events, free donuts and train rides.

So I loaded up 6 adults and 3 kids and off we went to Market Square.  This event is definitely a must see, but I have some tips and maybe some advice for the city.  This event was supposed to have the tree lit up at 6. There was several different reasons why it didn’t happen, but it was almost 6:15 before the tree was up and ready to go. That’s hard for a little 5 year old to stand around and wait maybe a little less standing still and a little more moving.  

I also think if the kids events happened at four with the rides and the projects it would help us parents out alot. I would have loved to get to do all the activities, but it was already dark by the time the event was done and we were at our wits end and ready to go.   

Besides that, the event was great and it was nice to see some of our council members and the City Mayor start the Christmas season.  If you want to really see a tree light up and a small but perfect firework show please mark this on your calendar. Just come early get a spot, bring a snack, and settle down for this great city to ring in a great time of year. Don’t forget the Downtown Parade is TONIGHT at 7pm!

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