Your Weekend Fun In Knoxville

Hello Loves,   Here is your Weekend update from your go to girl for knoxville, McCalla Around Knoxville, as heard on real news talk 92.3 every friday at 9:30 Sharp! Friday December 29th   Grand Opening of Chocolate Company in Market Square 10am-6pm   Legacy Parks Benefit at Tupelo Honey 11am-11pm Give back to our … Continue reading Your Weekend Fun In Knoxville

Amazing Work From an Incredible Girl

Hello Loves, Let me tell you about this incredible kindergartener that I personally know.  I want to let everyone reading this know that it is never too soon to teach your children the power of voting and government.     Students  were asked to write about citizenship with length requirements varying by grade levels.  Winners … Continue reading Amazing Work From an Incredible Girl

Merry Christmas!

Hello Loves, Merry Christmas my loves! I wanted to take this time to say I hope each and everyone of my readers are having the most amazing Christmas whether you are here in Knoxville or visiting friends and family in another city. I hope you take the time to think about the real reason for … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

What to do This Weekend?

Hello Loves,   It’s the last weekend before Christmas! Your family is in and now you're thinking what do I do with everyone? Here is your weekend what to do from Your Go To Girl for Knoxville, McCalla Around Knoxville. You can also hear this list on News Talk Radio 92.3 every Friday at 9:30am. … Continue reading What to do This Weekend?

We Have a Train!

Hello Loves, All aboard! I spent my Tuesday not doing food reviews or tracking down the next political candidate. Oh no, I spent my Tuesday on the reading to kids as we trucked through the tracks of East Tennessee on The Three Rivers Rambler.  It kind of sounds like the beginnings of a hallmark story...I … Continue reading We Have a Train!

A Caring Heart

Hello Loves, On Monday night, one of our fearless heros in Knoxville was shot in the line of duty. The Officer went to respond to a possible suicide call. When he arrived, the situation worsened and he was shot in the arm and it went through his chest. The result is the officer is alive, … Continue reading A Caring Heart

Heroes Wanted!

Hello Loves,   Are you looking to start the new year with a new career? Knoxville is hiring FIREFIGHTERS right now and they are in much need of some help.  When I say they are hiring I mean they need 40 more to complete their shifts and do what needs to be done for our … Continue reading Heroes Wanted!