A Voice for the Voiceless

Hello Loves,

With petitions being picked up we were finally given a name of the Democrat that will be running against R. Larry Smith and Justin Biggs for County Commission at Large Seat 11. Vivian Underwood Shipe picked up a petition and knowing her personally I knew she was going to give these republican men a run for their money.

I’ve watched Mrs. Vivian over the past year or so and I can say personally she is relentless in making sure the right voices are heard.  She has spent the good half of the year fighting for bus shelters on Magnolia where most of the bus riders have to sit and wait in the cold snow or beating down heat, she does not give up. So, when I saw her petition picked up I knew it was going to be a good race.

Well, as of today from here Facebook she states that she will not be able to run in a partisan campaign until 2020 because you can not be a Federal Employee and run.

It’s always heartbreaking to me when someone is told no you can not run for office when they have such a desire to serve the people like Mrs. Vivian has.

I for one want to say thank you for wanting to run and I look forward to 2020 because this woman will not pass up making her voice be heard for the voiceless. Mark my word this is not the last we hear about her and for Knoxville that is a good thing!

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