State Representative Smith Stays in Touch

Hello Loves,

State Representative Eddie Smith sent out a mailer to the constituents of the 13th District. I received one and wanted to let  all my readers know what my state representative is doing to stay in touch.

The mailer isn’t asking for your vote or even a contribution. It’s a legislative survey on what you think about four different ideas that could affect all of us: Opioid Epidemic, Small Business and Job Creation, Education and Criminal Justice Reform. The survey is set up for you to answer what you think and you can leave additional comments. That’s all you have to do and just send it back in.

Some thoughts I had was WOW what a great way to stay in touch. Are these four topics what Smith will be focusing on? The answer is yes! These four ideas will be some of the big bills our legislature is going to be focusing on next year.

How do you feel about this? Do you have an idea or an opinion on this or maybe you want something else to be on the agenda? Now is the time to call your state representative and talk to them. Embrace the day and let your voice be heard, and thank you Representative Eddie Smith! I filled mine out and sent it back!

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