Skating through Market Square

Hello Loves,


Market Square is FULL of Christmas activities for you and your family! From elf on the shelf, where you can buy locally at one of our amazing shops and have your kids been on a scavenger hunt for elf in almost all of the stores to the decorated windows of a peppermint Winter Wonderland. And this list would not be complete without mentioning my favorite event… Holiday on Ice sponsored by Home Federal Bank!  

Here are a few helpful hints I learned this weekend when I went! First of all, check the hours and the weather. If it’s not cold enough and starts to rain, the water will melt the ice. So check the weather and have some time.  


Always wear socks! Those skates are used over and over so socks is a must and if you have a kid bring a helmet. I know, I sound crazy and over cautious, but hey… I fell SO hard! I’m still not seeing straight.  Don’t take any valuables, there’s not really a place to put your stuff. So if you absolutely have to take things (car keys, cell phones, money),  in your pockets or in your shoes it goes.  


Take your time. Even after it’s been re-iced by the zamboni. It’s a little choppier so to enjoy the ice you don’t have to go full speed ahead the whole time. Also, keep an eye out on teenagers who aren’t keeping an eye out on you (hint hint that’s how I fell)!  


If you have a little one, hold there hand and ask for the special walker. They have these cute little ice walkers for kids learning to ice skate. I would go early when they open too because as the day went by it seemed to get more crowded.


And have a blast! I love this part of Knoxville! I is so much fun to skate around and see Market Square and everyone shopping. It was the perfect ending to my Thanksgiving weekend!


If you want more information go to there Facebook Page.


And don’t forget, they have themes for each day!


  • Mondays: Knoxville Ice Bears and Chilly Bear
    • Skaters can get $2 off admission with an Ice Bears ticket stub.
  • Tuesdays: Peppermint Panda
    • Skaters who wear red and white can get $1 off admission.
  • Wednesdays: Christmas Sweater Night
    • Skaters wearing a Christmas sweater can get $1 off admission. The most festive skater will win a prize.
  • Thursdays: College Night
    • Skaters get $2 off admission with a college ID.
  • Fridays and Saturdays: Disco lights and Knox Vegas DJ
  • Sundays: Family Fun Day

Admission is $11 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under.

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