Random Acts of Kindness in a Commissioner

Hello Loves,


Commission races seem to have grabbed a lot of attention, especially the At Large seats. Since Commissioner Bob Thomas is term limited and is running for Knox County Mayor, his seat is up. Ed Brantly hasn’t hard core said whether or not he’s running but rumored to not have any interest in it. His seat is up as well. Rady Smith and Charles Bustler both have picked up petitions for their current seats, but it’s the At Large seats that I keep hearing people talk about.


Recently I got to hear from the first time running Larsen Jay for County Commission at Large Seat 10. He was speaking at the Halls Republican Club and I learned a lot about him and his family.  Before the meeting, we spoke about his holiday plans and within seconds you can tell he is a family man.  He quickly spoke about his loving wife and kids and spending time around a fire having fun and enjoying family time. During his speech he spoke of his education from the University of Tennessee and his career following. He was a film and TV Producer for nearly 15 years working on feature films, television series, commercials and much more.

But in July 2007, Larsen Jay life was changed forever. He miraculously lived through a near fatal fall from a ladder with 6 skull fractures and over 15 broken bones. Through this experience, the concept of Random Acts of Flowers bloomed. Random Acts of Flowers has flourished with more than 20,000 people receiving flowers in their time of need.


Due to all this and so much more, Larsen Jay has decided to run for County Commissioner.  He states that he is a rule follower in his speech. He wants to make the community better than it is today and move forward. He feels Leadership is never passive and he should always be engaged do something and try to make a difference, and at the end of the day we should recruit more people to get involved into government.


Larsen Jay wants to be apart of Knoxville’s conversation about growth. He feels that we are really at the crossroads of the United States. The conversation about what are we going to do when we grow needs to happen now, not later, and he wants to be a part of that.


His Campaign will be focused on 3 big things …..prosperous, safe, and healthy. Prosperous as in cost of living stays low. It’s not about just bringing people here but keeping what we have here.  Safe meaning strong police force. And the Healthy is mental health and opioid abuse.


He was given 10 minutes to talk and seemed comfortable and passionate about his campaign. He even was asked a question on sanctuary cities where he answered it with he is a rule of the law, but it’s also not a black and white issue, He feels it depends on circumstances and many different levels. We do have laws but as a community, all of us are a product of immigration so we need to figure out a way to make it work and keep the dialog open.

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