Petition Pick Up So far!

Hello Loves,


Petitions can now be picked up and returned for the Knox County elections next year.  Here is the list as of today of who has picked them one up.


A petition has to be signed by registered voters who reside in the county. It’s also the last of the paperwork to be an official candidate.


Here’s the list so far….

County Mayor:

  1. Glenn Jacobs- Republican


Knox County Sheriff:

  1. Tom Spangler- Republican



  1. Ed Shouse- Republican


County Commission District 3:

  1. Randy Smith- Republican
  2. Cody Biggs- Democratic


County Commission District 7:

  1. Charles Busler-Republican


County Commissioner at Large Seat 10:

  1. Larsen Jay- Republican
  2. WIlliam P. Stone- Democrat


County Commissioner at Large Seat 11:

  1. R. Larry Smith- Republican
  2. Vivian Underwood Shipe- Democrat


Circuit Court Clerk:

  1. Don Ridings- Republican
  2. Charlie Susano- Republican
  3. Tim Wheeler- Republican
  4. Scott Smith- Republican


Criminal Court Clerk:

  1. Mike Hammond- Republican


County Clerk:

Roger Kane- Republican

Sherry Whitt- Republican


Register of Deeds:

Nick McBride- Republican


Board of Education is non- partisan

District 1:

  1. Andre Canty
  2. Dametraus Jaggers
  3. Evetty Satterfield

District 4:

  1. Vivian Babb

District 6:

  1. Terry Hill

District 7:

  1. Patti Lou Bounds

District 9:

Amber Malaine Rountree


I’ll keep you updated once or twice a week on who picks up petitions! This is going to be a very interesting election season!

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