Volunteers and Football

Hello Loves,


Football,Football, Football!  It’s all I hear! I’ve tried to keep from talking about it, but it seems to be a very big topic that everyone has an opinion on.  

Now let’s start with what UT football means to our great city.  First things first, football pours money into Knoxville. Not just sold tickets but tailgating needs, parking spaces, and sold out hotel space are just to name a few.  This money stays in our great city and helps us be the best city we can be  and compete with other big Tennessee cities like Nashville and Chattanooga.  People know us for our football pride. As of Sunday, we have let our head coach go with two more games to play as Knoxvillians. I feel like we need to step up and show support.

Now I’m NO sports commentator, and I wouldn’t even pretend to know the ends and out of football. I do know one thing. Compassion and understanding. When Butch was coaching after a few losses we are all about fire our coach. Now we have done that it’s time to show our football players and interim coach we are here supporting you win or lose.  Your go to girl is asking you to go to the game this Saturday! Show your support, scream loud, sing Rocky Top and let our players know we are all Volunteers and Vols for Life.

I’ll be there showing my support because no matter who the coach is, win or lose, these players represent our great city. I for one love each and everyone of our players, band members, cheerleaders and coaching staff.  Let’s get out this Saturday and show our support I’ll see you there!

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