Help is On The Way

Hello Loves,


Old Gray Cemetery is getting some help! If you don’t know, Old Gray Cemetery is located on 543 N. Broadway and is the resting place for around 9300 people. This Cemetery has more history in a small square foot then a whole history book. This cemetery is a historical landmark for our great city. From well-known families like McGhee Tyson and McClung to children that died when yellow fever hit Knoxville, there are so many great stories and wonderful people buried here.

Because of this great history, the cemetery is getting some much needed help. Mountain Home National Cemetery in Johnson City has graciously volunteered to come and work on Saturday, November 18th at 8:30 a.m. Around 20 generous and caring people will be fixing headstones and beautifying the cemetery to what it is supposed to be.  

This is a great blessing and benefit to Knoxville and if you would like to help, Old Gray would love to have you volunteer and help this Saturday.  You will be able to work and be done in time for the game!! Volunteers from Johnson City will arrive around 9:30 and they will work until the job is done. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be provided. So come out and help us preserve our history.


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